If There Were a Reason (A Short Reflection)

“Familiar Feeling” was an exercise in finding voice and really delving into which kind of band we wanted to be. While we were writing and recording, we ended up taking a break while Jeremy went out to California, and so “Familiar Feeling” was a record that we didn’t see as a whole until it was completed. We spent a lot of time in a basement building on John’s arrangements, and as much as we enjoyed it, it was very much a trial and error process. We knew what the record would sound like, but it wasn’t reality until we heard our final mixes.

Not much has changed with “If There Were a Reason,” though we had a bit more experience coming into it.

John came in with the skeletons and we put on the muscles and skin. The songs started talking back, and the organ behind the chorus in “Beyond Innocence” or the odd guitar noises in “Are You Alright?” were things we tried in the moment that stuck. Sometimes we’d scratch a part we thought was set in stone in favor of experimentation and stick with the results of the experiment. Like the first record, we didn’t see it coming until it was fully assembled. And I’m proud of it. We treated everything on a song-first basis. We went in with the mindset that we wouldn’t compromise. And we didn’t.

Some songs are heavy. Some are light. We didn’t change the dynamics because the highs and lows are as much a part of our sound as guitars and drums. We added some string arrangements. We expanded the sound. We built upon what we felt was a solid foundation.

If there were a reason for writing this posts, it would be to look back at the recording of the record and to share my excitement about its completion.

If there were a reason to look back, I would say it took time, but I’m happy with how the record turned out, happy with the recording process, which was, as it always is and always has been, a bit of an exercise in patience.

If there were a reason to listen, it would be because these are solid songs with individual voices, and I’m excited to share them.


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