New EP, New Shows, and Beyond

Hey everyone, John here. This is my first post on this website as far as I can remember. Hope you enjoy the music if you found this page as a result of wanting to learn more about the band and the songs.

This is just an update to say that we have a new EP coming out this Halloween. Very spooky, I know. But don’t worry, there’s nothing to be afraid about because it’ll be free. Feel “free” (haha) to pay what you want for it, but don’t feel pressured to pay money just because Bandcamp makes you feel bad. Though any money that does come in is very generous and we really appreciate it.

In addition to the EP, I’m currently trying to book some shows. If you are a booker, contact us! I’m probably already in the process of contacting you. The shows will be fun. There is always way more material that hasn’t been recorded yet than what exists in our discography so far. We’ll be playing songs off of the first two records, and maybe even some songs that haven’t been recorded yet. Who knows?

In terms of new material after the EP, that is just a matter of when the new songs are ready. There is enough material for an album or two right now, but I’m really taking the time to let the songs sizzle and marinate a bit. Let the songs walk around and learn how to pay taxes, as I always say. I’m really excited for what comes next for the band. Don’t let my lack of exclamation points fool you. It is true!

For now, that’s all I have to say. I think this has been more than enough for one person to tolerate! Thanks for reading, listening, and co-existing with us.



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