Autumn Musings

Hello again,

It’s already October nearly marking the one-year anniversary of the In Gratitude EP. That’s pretty bizarre to think about considering the last full length LP still feels very fresh and new. But once May comes around, that will be two years old. How time flies.

In the past two months, we released a single for September and October. She Knows, She Knows was a song I wrote that I always felt embarrassed about sounding too cheesy. But I’m happy with that song now. Sometimes you gotta let the cheesy songs ferment and take on a new character.

Hollow is a song that has always meant a lot to me and a song people always said was one of my best. I’d have to agree. It’s special to me and remarkable how I released that song nearly 5 years ago. I still remember driving into a small rehearsal studio by myself with some drum sticks and some microphones to record myself playing drums on that one. I’d really like to drum on more songs in the future, whether it’s solo or someone else’s project.

That being said, we’re probably going to release another single sometime this year. Not sure if we will do it on the first Friday of November, following the pattern of the last two releases. That was more of a fun idea but it’s not really a big deal. The more important thing is that there are a little under 30 song ideas I consider contenders for the next full length album. It’s going to be a big undertaking so I really don’t see it existing for quite some time. Maybe in 2020. Sal and I want to demo the songs and lay out what we want to do once we step into a studio to bring these songs to life.

This band started off as a vehicle for me to play some songs that were a lot heavier than what people were used to seeing me perform at solo shows. I thrived on that energy of wanting people to see me play with a band and go, “Wait isn’t that the acoustic guitar dude?”

With each album we want to push ourselves and hit on different sounds. It’s boring and a waste of time to do the same thing over and over again. Some people might want us to hit on the lighter side of our catalogue more in the future. Some people might want us to hit on the heavier side of our catalogue. Well, for now people in both of those camps will be happy because the next album will be both our heaviest and mellowest release to date.

I don’t like writing updates and little diary entries like these at all. Who cares what I think? I rarely care about what I think and I just do what I feel. But as time goes on I see the importance in memorializing where your mind was at during a particular period of time. Right now, I’m hungry and tired. I’m going to take care of that right now.

Thanks for reading. More updates soon. If not, this was a fun little experiment in making journal entries for a band that no one cares about.



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